Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Crazy Little Thing Called Love

As soon as some of you read the title of this post you automatically started singing Queen's "Crazy Little Thing Called Love". This was my goal so if you did my plan worked and if not I failed. However, this is not what I am going to talk about. Instead I will briefly share my walk in Christ and what He has me doing this summer.

Throughout this past year God has radically changed my life and the way I think. For the longest time I was the object of my faith because "God loved me" but when I began to realize that God loves me so that I might make Him known, He became the object of my faith. For Christianity should center around Him, because "we are not the end of the gospel: God is." With this new way of seeing things I began to change my life. No longer were my wants and desires important if they did not center around Him. I began to remove all the junk out of my life and truly focus on my relationship with Christ and how I carry myself. This task was not always easy because in doing such an overhaul in ones life things have to change. Change is not easy when it involves losing friends and the things you think make you "happy." I had to realize that I was sacrificing nothing. It's nonsense to talk about sacrifice when you see Jesus dying for you on the cross. There's no sacrifice. Think of where we would be without Jesus. If Jesus Christ be God and died for me, than no sacrifice can be too big for me to make for Him.

With Christ being my foundation and glorifying Him being my way of thinking, I set off to Uganda for the next two months. Because to me the answer to religious complacency isn't working harder at a list of do's and don'ts — it's falling in love with God and sharing that love with others. God loves us so that we might make Him- His ways, His salvation, His glory, and His greatness- known among all nations. That is why I have chosen to spend my summer this way. It is in Uganda that I pray I can be a small part of what God is doing over there. Because to me talk is cheap. All the authority does not come from the pulpit but from the lives of those who follow Jesus and live to proclaim His name. So in two days I leave for Uganda having faith that not only my life will be changed but also the lives of those around me. I will end this post with a quote from Brother Andrew,""I have come to see clearly that life is more than self. It is more than doing what I want, striving for what will benefit me, dreaming of all I can be. Life is all about my relationship with God. There is no higher calling, no loftier dream, and no greater goal than to live, breathe, and be poured out for Jesus Christ."


  1. Godspeed, brother. I will miss you terribly. Stay safe! I love you. -Kami

  2. I miss you so much already paul! keep posting! the first one is amazing!
    i loveeee you!
    p.s. you da best big brotha evvvvvaaa

  3. Paul,
    Thanks for the blog, it's a very good idea :) I have to say I really appreciate how you align your actions with your thoughts.
    I wish you a beautiful and transforming trip to Uganda.
    Keep posting!
    Much love,

  4. post another one already! i really want to hear about what God is doing already in your first couple of days there! i miss you! love you!